Your mission, as an agent of Chess Intelligence Agency, is to destroy the Deep Blue - legendary supercomputer which beated Garry Kasparov. You start as a pawn and during the game you are getting promoted to the knight and bishop. But  remember, every chess figure has it's specific movement rules!

The game is a simple puzzle game made for xkcd Game Jam (inspired by 


Since the xkcd game jam taked place two weeks before the Ludum Dare #40, I basically followed the Ludum Dare Compo rules (as warm-up for LD) and made this game from scratch with all the assets. I runned out of time so it's without sound effects ("music" is there though).

I used Godot Engine, Gimp and Bosca Ceoil.

Have fun!

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Published 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorJiri Hysek
Tagschess, puzzle, xkcd-game-jam


chia.exe 19 MB

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