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Everybody prefers safeness of own home when night falls. Except you. You are the nightbird and now is the time for you to shine. Show them who’s the most though bird in the neigborhood.

How to play

You start with nothing and the goal is to capture all 7 nests. The most of them are guarded with birds who built them but have no pity for them. They are the same hostile beasts like you. Flying spends energy so be sure to hunt also some vermin crawling on the ground. You don’t need to do it alone whole the time. You can raise your family which will help you with collecting food.

For hunting or fighting you can use your claws obviously. If you’d like to hit your enemy harder, use your sharp beak. Beware of enemy’s beak and claws!

Snímek obrazovky 2019-10-07 v 1.23.29.png


  • Arrows left/right or A/D or azerty alternative … movement
  • SPACE … flying / flapping
  • X … attack with beak or lay the egg (in nest)
  • C … eat (in nest)

Used tools

  • godot engine
  • inkscape
  • gimp
  • fl studio
  • audacity



For all who understand music - I’d like to make something like remake of Bethoveen’s Moonligh Sonata but I left it for the last hour… so it’s very short and there are some false notes which tears my ears so I put the music low so that noone will notice :D


Windows version 14 MB
OSX version 18 MB
Linux version 15 MB

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