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My name is Jim. And I did something I shouldn't have. I gave her my code but fell to darkness. I gave her my heart but lost my soul.

My name is Jim. And I didn't finish my game...

This iS my entry to the JimJam hosted by Tim Ruswick from the Game Dev Underground. The theme is "Inspiration" so I've made a game heavily inspired by Tim's game Philophobia and Game Dev Underground itself.

It's a platformer with sort of Philophobia's aesthetics. Contains 4 levels and an epic  bossfight at the end!

Made in two days.

Have fun and finish the damn game! 

Free music and sounds have been used, more info in "Credits" screen. 
Most graphics is also made by myself except tiles and background of the first level, explosion and pattern on background of levels.

Made with Godot engine & Inkscape


Install instructions

Just unzip and run.


finish_the_damn_game.zip 25 MB
FinishTheDamnGame.dmg 43 MB
finish_the_damn_game_linux.zip 24 MB


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Linux version seems to be corrupt.

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Yeah, I guess it's the same problem as with windows version. One file is missing, I believe Godot 2 exported to single file and now I'm using Godot 3 and there is separated file for data..  Fixed version is here: http://jirihysek.cz/ftdg_linux.zip

Hey! I couldn't play the game, seems like it is corrupted or something I downloaded both windows version :( it just shows up a prompt and dies


Oh, I didn't include .pck file... please try this one: http://jirihysek.cz/FTDG.zip

YSSSSS I did it! o/

Nice work man, congratulations on that. Well polished with enough features I enjoyed it especially the negativity part when we kill "The Big F", I need this on my life :P

Thank you for the experience, it made my morning 


Congratulations :) Thanks for playing, I'm glad you like it!