Ludum Dare #42 Compo entry.

This game is turn based battle arena mixed with a battle royale games on procedurally generated maps so each game is unique! You control three diferent alien units (scout, archer and knight) and your goal is to beat opponents units. The map is shrinking over time so you will run out of space if you don’t finish them soon!

This game is a little experiment to see if I can crunch whole weekend ;) The game is definitely overscoped for 48h jam. But I wanted to make this kind of game and I was courious if I can make it in two days. And it turned out I can! Well… barely. It’s not too polished but hey, it has AI and procedural generation of maps :)

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it, AI is not very clever so it should be easy and maybe a bit funny.


Download 11 MB
Download 24 MB
Download 11 MB

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