Brains.. hungry… Tasty brains… yummy!

About the game

This game could be described as a brain-eating puzzle game with cute cartoony graphics. You are about to do the usual zombie business - harvesting brains of course. To finish a level you need to harvest ALL brains available! There is a catch, though. Every brain donor becomes a zombie. And as a proper zombie, it suddenly starts feeling a need for fresh brains. So the more brains you harvest, the more competitors you have!

And there’s one more thing - for some reason, every zombie and human in this game loves to dance. So everyone moves automatically to the beat of the music. Have fun :D

This game was made for Ludum Dare #52 Compo, but this is post-jam version. You can see the original version here:

How do humans work?

Humans are funny creatures. They are so predictable. Our best zombie scientists made this guide for you:



  • Arrows / WASD to set direction

Used tools

  • Godot Engine
  • Inkscape + Gimp (graphics)
  • (music)
  • Audacity + iPhone dictaphone (SFX)


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Pretty cool game!